Anti-Guide – How NOT to Treat Your Skin?

A lot has been said about the facial and sensitive skin around eyes care. Sadly, there is not much info on the things our skin DISLIKES. We often face up to a beauty paradox and our skin goes crazy: we provide it with a good moisture boost and then go to sleep with full makeup… In other words, in spite of knowing how to care for skin, we lack info on what to avoid to keep it from destruction and ‘going wild’.

Here is the anti beauty care list – all things that harm your skin!
  1. Lack of Hydration
    The well-known rule is still on – minimum two litres of mineral water per day is an absolute must in skin care.
  2. UV radiation
    Biggest enemy that destroys skin cells and speeds up aging. Too much sun exposure does more harm than good. Although a summer tan looks nice, it is always at the cost of something.
  3. Lack of enough sleep
    Sleep is the best remedy for healthy and amazing looks. Regular sleepless nights deprive our cells of oxygen; they age at an alarming rate. Moreover, nobody looks good with a tired face and dark circles under the eyes. If you desire to look beautiful, put your skin to sleep 😉
  4. Cigarettes, nicotine smoke
    It is not only the trigger for many serious heart and lung diseases. It is a strong dose of toxins that have a detrimental impact on the condition and appearance of our skin. Nicotine smoke kills cells. Instead of nutrients, a lot of toxins get inside the skin. It gets yellowish, unattractive and less elastic. To make things worse, free radicals get into the body together with nicotine; they also weaken the skin.

Remember not to fall for commercials or your friends’ cosmetic taste. You must go for products that match your skin. Be reasonable while shopping. Don’t experiment with your skin and everything should be fine 🙂 


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